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'The Chameleon1200'
Colour change combinations are endless...

2-Tone Chrome Technics 1200MK2
Choose your colour! 

Modification |  Restorations | Retro
KRIESLER Multisonic Stereo with 1200MK2

Customs | Branding | Metallic
Rockinghorse Records - Brisbane Australia

Night Club - Bar - DJ
Record Store - Home - Showroom

Technics Restorations
Made in March of 1983, and brought to us with deep engraving damage. This 1200MK2s now very impressive.  

Turntable Repairs | Restoration | Servicing | Customisation
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Technics Mk2 old JING deck

Dull and worn MK2 turntable - "BEFORE"

Technics Mk2 after Chameleon Custom service

Same turntable "AFTER" our custom Service

Technics same Mk2 after Chameleon Custom service

Same turntable from above with classic bubble dust cover

Technics Mk2 side on after Chameleon Custom service

Same turntable from side on with classic
bubble dust cover

Refurbish your Technics paintwork

Turntable body and bracket re-spray now available. Platter and dots restoration service.

Cartridge Socket and Grip

Slip Mats

Slip Mats for purchase

Plinth repair and re-spray, corroded or scratched alloy body..

" plinth " repairs and re-spray

Audio leads

RCA Cables

Add more sonic detail from your cartridge to your phono-Preamp with Oxygen Free Coppers cables with Gold plated RCA connectors and new fork-terminal ground wire.

Platter refurbish


Platter Restoration

It's all about "the dots"...
With our platter restoration, your much fingered 'strobe-o-scope' will be easy to gauge 'like new' again. Stunning!!

info@techfics1200.com.au   0452468281

Customisation Service

AVAILABLE NOW! Have your turntable(s) professionally restored, or spectacularly re-imagined with your own personalized choice of paintwork and design complimented with colour L.E.D. upgrade components.


Pitch - Brake +
Tone-Arm assembly

Dirty or worn faders..... Using a fully dialled-in turntable makes all the difference. Your interaction feels responsive & solid.